Frugal Beauty Introduction

Not too long ago I believed making an effort in the beauty area was frivolous.  After all God looks on the heart.  But after several years of marriage I realized that how I look makes a difference to my husband.  He loves me no matter what, but knowing he has a beautiful flower to come home to at night makes him a better man.  The other half to that scripture is “Man looks on the outside.”  And I want my outside to reflect the beautiful person that I’m striving for on the inside.  I found out in the process that when I feel good about how I look, it’s easier to be beautiful on the inside.  My beauty regiment has 6 focus areas:

1.  Personal Character and Cheerfulness

2.  Nutrition

3.  Exercise

4.  Skincare and makeup

5.  Haircare and styling

6.  Wardrobe

I’ve yet to meet a woman who with proper care in each of these 6 areas, couldn’t be beautiful.  Tomorrow I’ll start with some simple homemade skincare solutions.

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  1. Posted July 1, 2011 at 10:35 pm | Permalink

    You are so right, Angela. On the frugal side of things, I have found a much less expensive exfoliating scrub than my Mary Kay (which I love). To save money I bought St. Ives body scrub and took a chance and gently applied it to my face. I think it worked just as well and at about 1/5 of the price (and a much larger supply).

  2. Posted July 3, 2011 at 3:28 pm | Permalink

    Hi Angela, I’m really excited to read this series. I’m into f rugal beauty…and homemade beauty s uppli es, because it’s better for m y sk i n . but that’s another topic :) :)

    Oh, I shared the link to your site with my aunt. we were talking about saving mo ney and eating healthy. I mentioned your site , because you show people how to save mo ney without using coupons. She really liked that. I used to use coupons, but I don ‘t really anymore, especially since I started making my meals at home, but that’s a subject for another time, too. In any case, she LOVES your site. She was really grateful for the link. Thanks for doing what you do. Have a great fourth of July weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)