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I’ve had my hair long for years.  Darren prefers long hair and I do too.  But mine was damaged from too many highlights and too few trims.  Plus it’s thin and stringy when it gets very long. I rolled over it one too many times with my stability ball while doing some Fit Yummy Mummy […]
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Update on Cleaning Week

I blinked and lost a week!  I’ve been crazy busy here making the final switch over to a new menu website.  And I’m super excited about it.  The menu service is now being hosted at which gives me the ability to offer discounts for subscribing for longer periods at once.  You know how I […]
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Jamberry Nails

Have you noticed my new advertiser? Heidi Perkins, Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant.  A few weeks ago, Heidi sent this cute little kit in  the mail. I didn’t try them right away because I was afraid it would be time consuming and hard to learn to do.  I was so WRONG! I broke a nail a few […]
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Bodywrap Giveaway!

The giveaway has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.  Congratulations Megan, our winner! You’ve seen the hype and may have wondered if it would work for you.  Here’s a chance to find out for free!  If you get the same results from the wraps that many customers have, you might consider making a business […]
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Do Ultimate Body Applicators really work?

You know the ones I’m talking about.  The body wraps that claim to tighten, tone and firm.  To reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Is it to good to be true? I invited a local consultant, Amy Castillo, to my home to give it the test.  She brought one wrap, and I elected to use it […]
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As seen on pinterest….

  Self braided headband. Tutorial Here.
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For Kim–My beauty routine

Kim left this comment on a previous post: Angela, my daughter and I enjoyed this post so much, she is the weekly pizza maker in our home, such a great idea, but the one thing my daughter mentioned was how beautiful your skin is, which I already happened to notice, I know you have already […]
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Beauty Recipes from Around the Web

Martha Stewart’s All Natural Lip Balm Homemade Mineral Foundation (Who Knew?) Making homemade cosmetics is a hobby that can turn into a business.  Mary Kay launched her business in her kitchen.  You can find a variety of ingredients at  And find support and recipes at Kirt’s Homemade Cosmetic Recipes, Kitchen Crafts and More, and […]
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More Help with Feet

In summer, it’s refreshing to let our feet breathe in some airy sandals, but wearing sockless shoes for very long can create an odor problem.  The foul smell is caused by natural sloughing off of dead skin cells while we walk, which attach to our shoes and rot.  Not pleasant at all.  To keep your shoes smelling sweet, […]
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Frugal and Fabulous Feet

It’s sandal weather and if your feet are like mine, they need a little attention.  There’s nothing delicate or feminine about heels so cracked they’d look at home in an elephant herd.  It’s not healthy either.  Dry cracking feet are gateways for infection. When I snggle up to DH at night, I want him to smile […]
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