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Take Note

It’s time to do yourself a little favor.  Take a quiet moment while the memories are still fresh and write some Christmas notes for yourself for next year. This isn’t the time to make huge plans (Which is so tempting when the execution of those plans is still 12 months away.)   Just write some […]
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Christmas Eve 2013

There was some concern on my part whether I would/should be able to go Christmas Eve.  We were planning to travel up to the farm (about an hour away) to spend the day in the new church basement with Darren’s sisters and parents and their children (16 in all–including ours–how fun is that?!)  It’s my […]
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The Easiest Eggnog in the World

And tasty too. You can also make it dairy free, or sugar free or both. It costs about half of commercial eggnog. We’ve voted. And persuaded the neighbor kids to weigh in.  It tastes better than the stuff at the store. Print The Easiest Eggnog in the World Ingredients8 cups milk (whole milk tastes more […]
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Giving Too Much

Is there such a thing?  . . . Maybe. Giving is an important part of the Christmas season.  It reminds us of God’s gift to us in His son.  It’s a celebration of a birthday that forever changed the world.  It helps us express our love and gratitude to those who have impacted our lives. […]
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The Perfect Christmas

I easily get caught up in wanting Christmas to be perfect and dreaming huge dreams for the short future.  Dreams so huge that when the future speedily comes my way I flail and flounder and botch everything up. In the past I’ve had lists of 25 activities that I want to do with the kids […]
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A little Christmas Sewing

They are starting work on our foundation on Monday.  It’s exciting and scary all at once.  I’m taking pictures of this project for sure and will have a future post to help if you find yourself in a similar situation. In the meantime I’m going full steam into Christmas sewing.  These are the inspiration photos […]
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Tea Towel Cafe apron

Happy October! Ready for a super easy project that makes an adorable gift? (Get your Christmas done early. Teacher gifts? White elephant?) It’s so fast, you can make one for yourself too. All you need is 1 tea towel, and 1 package (3 yards) of quilt binding in a coordinating color. Quilt binding comes bias […]
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4 Random Things

1.  The Drywall guy came today.  I love the feeling I get when I see that the holes are filled in.  He’ll be back tomorrow to tape and thinks it will take him all week to finish skim coating, drying and sanding.  Maybe I can paint on Monday?  I’m breathing again. When I took the […]
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Pumpkin Everything Is Here

I saw this pin on pinterest: And someone had written in the comments:  “And I can’t Wait!”  That’s me too. (Can’t believe they tried to make this look like a bad thing.) I Love pumpkin.  Ok, not really pumpkin but the sugar and cinnamon spices that the pumpkin makes socially acceptable ;). I’ve had a […]
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Lace Fingerless Gloves

Instead of sewing my afghan squares together, I made these: From this free pattern (click the photo below to go to the pattern) (Argh–cue angry pirate sounds–wordpress is deleting my links so I put a hard copy below the picture.  You’ll have to cut and paste):       I like […]
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