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Are You Spring Cleaning With Toxins?

Every day I hear about a friend with cancer.  I don’t know if cancer is really on the rise, or if social media means I just find out about it more.  These aren’t strangers though.  These are my friends: some young, some old, some live near me, some are across the country.  The cancer part […]
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What can I get for $1?

I like to shop at Dollar Tree…..a lot.  I know it’s not quality stuff.  I’m not expecting quality…not really, lol.  I am expecting to afford it and to have choices.  There’s something nice about going into a place and knowing I can afford to buy anything I want. I used to buy my cleaning supplies […]
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What Are all Those People in Line for?

Have you ever walked or driven by a huge line…and been all insecure? Like they know something awesome is going to happen and you don’t have a clue? That almost happened to me.  Ok, it happened this week but the good news is there are still 5 days for us to join in and we […]
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Crocheted Half Circle Rug

When I finished the rug, DH said, “What do you think of it?” What do I think?  I love it!  I hugged it when you weren’t looking.  I did dances around it, took off my socks so I could really feel it under my feet.  Knowing how he feels about crochet, I only said, “I think it […]
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Simple Green vs Mean Green

I first used Simple Green in Nevada at the house we rented during our Frontsight Training. The homeowners installed a brand new stainless steel glass top range the first day we were there.  I was the first human to ever cook on it. I arrogantly stuck two whole sweet potatoes in the oven for an […]
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Magical Messy Microwave Cure and Busy Bag Swap

I haven’t forgotten about the magical messy microwave cure,  but first I wanted to tell you about a wonderful party I’ve been invited to–A Busy Bag Swap!  So far there are more than 40 ladies coming and the hostess is having it at a church so we can all be together.  The huge group is […]
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Oven Cleaning–Ewww

This is not my favorite topic.  It brings the bad emotions I mentioned back in the child room cleaning post.  Mostly because I usually put off the chore until the burned food smell fills the house and sets off the smoke alarm. It happens because some recipe goes totally wrong and spills over on everything.  […]
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Natural Vinegar Alternative for Cleaning

I’ve had a list of homemade cleaning recipes for several years. It’s not advertised anymore, but anyone who signs up in the form on the right, gets the cleaning recipes emailed to them for free on day 2 :). Every recipe is tested by me, works, and is super frugal to make. A lot of […]
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Update on Cleaning Week

I blinked and lost a week!  I’ve been crazy busy here making the final switch over to a new menu website.  And I’m super excited about it.  The menu service is now being hosted at which gives me the ability to offer discounts for subscribing for longer periods at once.  You know how I […]
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Not a Swimming Pool

But I’m excited. Here’s a before shot: This is actually a picture of the twin closet in the adjoining room. But they were set up the same. I painted it ultra pure white, even the ceiling. It helps reflect the most amount off light in the windowless space, and shows the clothes in their true […]
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