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Frugal Weekend Shopping from Your Sofa

A friend of mine shared a gift card with me to ThredUp.  I’ve been hearing about them, but never checked it out before now.  I looked around their site and was amazed at the selection of stylish stuff for thrift store prices.  Some of the items are brand new, some are gently used.  Each description […]
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Feeling Blessed and Free Baby Crochet Patterns

The readers here are amazing.  One of you sent my son a pair of shoes so I wouldn’t spend the money left in my clothing budget, even though the money was there.  She wanted me to get a head start on our 200 ways to save $100.   Another reader emailed to ask me what […]
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Sew a Child’s Painting Smock: Tutorial

In an effort to save money on school supplies, I’m stitching up a painting smock for Brandon, the Kindergartener. I started by following this tutorial.  It is excellent!  I made some changes since Brandon is too big for this size and I didn’t have any oil cloth in my stash. I did a quick search […]
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Thrift Store Finds

I took a short break one day last week and ran to the thrift store by my home.  I took with me a trash bag of donations.  There wasn’t a lot–a king duvet cover; a nice woman’s shirt that was too small; a curtain rod and a pillow.  They gave me a 30% off your […]
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Easter Sunday

I’m not very good at taking pictures and don’t have a shot of their Easter baskets.  I bought plastic bucket style baskets at Walmart for $.97 each. They look just like ice cream tubs but say Happy Easter and have spring things on them.  I intended to sew covers for ice cream tubs I already […]
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Organizing Clothes

At the end of this be sure to click the link to a previous post about how I like to make sure we have just the right amount of clothing for our needs and space limitations. But first, I have updated pictures of the little boy’s closet.  This closet houses 2 boys and the third […]
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Summer Transformation Challenge and Checking In

We are back from Reunion and I have some photos and video to post later from Heather’s baptism.  What a lovely, glorious day!  I’ve been busy catching up on laundry and housework since then. I also joined Holly’s Summer Transformation Challenge (STC) over at Club FYM.  I love it over there and writing in my […]
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New! Centsable Style Ebook

Hooray!  I worked through the learning curve and my new ebook is now available.  I tried something new this time and embedded some how-to video files in it.  This ebook takes the Grocery Shrink method from the first ebook about food and shows you how to use the same principles to shrink your clothing budget, […]
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We started our homeschool today and so far I’ve only lost my patience a handful of times, sigh.  A sign that I am still overwhelmed even with 2 kiddoes in school.  On the bright side, I think I will be able to teach those 2 well and the baby and 3 year old are being fairly cooperative.  […]
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Quality Vs Quantity

My husband and I have different opinions about buying clothes, but we both spend about the same amount. He would rather pay a lot for high quality stuff that he really likes and then wear it for the next 15-20 years. I would rather buy something inexpensive that I really like, wear it out in […]
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