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Plywood Countertops Revisited

It’s been a few months since we finished our plywood countertops, and they aren’t as awesome as I was hoping.  You can see the planning stages here and the finished product here.  The marine poly has scrubbed off in places.  It’s not flaky or chipped so you would notice, but it’s wearing through in places […]
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Are you Spring Nesting?

Friends, I’m a mess.  I caught a cold on the 2nd day of Caleb’s room redo and have been laying around like a unmotivated college student ever since.  I breezed through illness season this year because of the new vitamins I’ve been taking, but finally dropped.  Stress + sick kids + no sleep = Sick […]
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Caleb’s Bedroom Budget Details

I’ll be honest.  I didn’t have a set amount to spend on Caleb’s room. The goal was just to do it as cheaply as possible without so much DIY that it would get overwhelming. I was dealing with cash, so before I made a purchase I really weighed whether this was the best use for the […]
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Moving Caleb In

I couldn’t wait to see what the room looked like with the curtains and rug in place.  I used a pair of $3 cafe rods from target since the curtains were just for decoration and not to cover the window.  The curtains were leftover from our other house. I made them from sewing strips of sheets […]
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I can hardly move….

Sunday night we started by removing everything out of Caleb’s room.  It’s so refreshing to start clean!  (He’s still sorting what to keep and what to get rid of so his space stays organized.) Then we ripped up that 45 year old red shag carpet, and peeled the wall paper.  He liked the wallpaper and it […]
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24 Hour Room Makeover

Whoops!  Where did last week go?  I had good intentions to write all week, but I spent it doing stuff instead.  What stuff, you ask? This month is all about focusing on our homes, and I got a little email from Ikea letting me know that the Applaro outdoor dining table I’ve had my eye […]
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Two Bloggers Who Shop the House

Happy March!  As snow and rain fight to the death against warm and sunshine, I’m turning my heart towards home.  This month I’d like to look at frugal solutions for decorating, cleaning and organizing, and  finish some projects I’ve started! It’s easy to look at decorating blogs and make money related excuses for ourself:  “My house would […]
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Crocheted Half Circle Rug

When I finished the rug, DH said, “What do you think of it?” What do I think?  I love it!  I hugged it when you weren’t looking.  I did dances around it, took off my socks so I could really feel it under my feet.  Knowing how he feels about crochet, I only said, “I think it […]
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It’s happening….

I’m sitting in the Vision Therapy office today.  We have two children receiving therapy right now and life is full.  This is the first week I’ve found a wifi signal at the office, and am using some of this hurry up and wait time to write to you. While I am here watching Grant play […]
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A few carpet squares

While waiting for the experts to tell us how to save our house, we decided to take some temporary measures to make it more livable. My friend, Pam, was over exercising and asked if we had thought about buying some cheap carpet squares.  “Um, you mean like these?”  I motioned to a dark corner where […]
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