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Smart Tiles Installation and Review

Mix month is still going strong and I have a big line up for you next week!  But for the weekend I wanted to show you some progress I’m making in the girl’s bathroom. In July, I’ll have a whole month of house projects and frugal nesting ideas for you–this is just a sneak peek […]
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Finishing Touches on the Master Bedroom

Our bedroom was a dreary place.  It was hopeless.  Short of knocking out the wall and adding extra windows, I was lost on how to breathe life into the space.  I allowed things to pile up around me in a clutter that didn’t have any business in a marriage retreat. The room was already gross….I […]
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No Sew Bedskirt

When we were redoing our room last month, I was surprised how many little details make a space feel finished.  The bedskirt is one of those. Our previous bed had a wooden frame that hid the box springs.  We were ready for a new look, so kept the headboard only and put the bed on metal […]
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Moss Covered Monogram

In the Cozy Minimalist class, I learned that plants breathe life into the room.  My family room is land locked and light deprived.  Real plants wouldn’t survive a week in this space, so a little creativity is in order. (The plants in the picture are fake IKEA plants.  Cute…but too small for the space?  I’m looking for […]
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When Spending Money Saves Money

My mom is amazing.  She was my Skylarks and Orioles leader, and Den Mother for my brother.  She taught Sunday school and led the junior church.  She cooked a sit down meal for us every night and made breakfast almost every morning. While we waited for the bus she read Uncle Arthur bedtime stories so we […]
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The Risk of Painting Brick

  There are a lot of things I love about our family room.  It’s open concept so we can see the kitchen from our comfy sofa.  It’s big with lots of options for furniture placement.  It has yummy hand scraped hardwood floors and French doors leading out to a sunroom and deck. The room has […]
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How to Make Everyone Insane….

Answer: Start a bunch of home improvement and don’t finish any of them….. In the midst of the insanity I can see life getting a little better bit by bit, so I keep doing it. I reached a point where I couldn’t take it any more….the disorganization, dirt and 45 year old carpet with disintegrating […]
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New Project: Girl’s Bathroom

I’ve started on a new project in our house, and I haven’t finsihed Caleb’s room, my room, or the entry.  This makes my husband crazy.  He works differently than I do (slow and careful), and I need him to do a couple of things before I can move on in the other areas.  It could […]
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Master Bedroom Refresh

I’m feeling a lot better and dove head-first into a new project.  As part of the Cozy Minimalist course with the Nester that I’m taking, I had to choose a room for my project.  I got that assignment while laying on my bed in this: And I thought, “This is the room I hate most in […]
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Plywood Countertops Revisited

It’s been a few months since we finished our plywood countertops, and they aren’t as awesome as I was hoping.  You can see the planning stages here and the finished product here.  The marine poly has scrubbed off in places.  It’s not flaky or chipped so you would notice, but it’s wearing through in places […]
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