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Some Cool Things

Today is a busy day.  This week I’ve gone through all my fabric (roughly 12 big tubs worth) and am letting it all go.  Well, almost all of it.  I’ve kept back just enough to fill 3 Sterilite tubs.  The rest needs to be cleaned, straightened, measured and marked for the craft show this weekend. […]
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Plexus Giveaway

Have you been hearing about an amazing pink drink?  I was curious about the reports of energy, weight loss and better sleep from those taking it, so when Laurell offered me a trial week’s supply in exchange for a review, I was pumped. When she gave me the sample I was in a downward health […]
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Chocolate Eclair Cake

It’s time for a little recipe around here.  And this one is totally inappropriate, since simultaneously I am waking up my CentsablyFit blog.  After 3 months of illness and getting totally out of shape, I’m super excited for Holly’s new challenge that starts on Monday. This recipe doesn’t fit in that plan (unless it’s one […]
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What you need to know about your threshold

When I was 12 years old, I was 30 lbs overweight and miserable. That’s 12 year old me all the way over on the right. My dad’s entire family was obese and even though my dad was normal and my mom was tiny, I was convinced that I looked the way I did because of […]
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Coconut Crepes with Blueberries

Oh, my.  That’s all I could say after one bite of these. You will never believe they are dairy free, sugar, free, and gluten free, and pack a decent punch of protein.  Usually you have to follow up a list like that with “taste free.”  Oh, not these.  Oh did I say fast?  They are […]
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Coconut Blueberry Muffin in A Mug

It’s about time for a recipe around here.  And there’s nothing like a contest with a $2000 prize to motivate a little cooking :).  We sure could use the money on our kitchen project, but the lack of a kitchen makes testing recipes more of a challenge.  Ah, who doesn’t like a challenge? I was […]
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Protein Rich Fudge Cookies

  Things are super busy around here.  I’m trying to finish my menus today so I can join the family in 4th of July celebrations tomorrow.  But I thought I’d take a break and tell you I have a yummy recipe over at my fitness blog.   There are two version of these cookies, each with […]
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Apple Pudding–guilt free!

6 oz mountain high, 2 Tbs peanut flour, 2 Tbs cocoa powder, 1 Tbs stevia, 1 chopped apple Oops!  This post was supposed to go over to my other blog (  It’s my breakfast :).  If you haven’t popped over there this is a sampling of what you will get.  Lots of super fast and […]
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End of Fitness Week

After today I’m moving most of fitness talk to my new blog, Centsably Fit. In January 2011 I dedicated a whole month to fitness and weight loss.  I was pregnant with Grant at the time–how time flies!  It was before I met Holly and joined Fit Yummy Mummy, but it’s still some of my best […]
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6 Ways to Beat Hunger

When burning fat a little hunger is to be expected.  Some of us feel hunger more deeply than others.  Just like some people feel pain more strongly than others.  If you are making sure you get 1500 calories or more, you are eating enough to keep your metabolism strong.  Hunger then is just a signal […]
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