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Bean and Cheese Enchiladas

Frugal food doesn’t have to be time consuming.  Here’s a fast dish I threw together with all convenience items while our bread was baking last night.  Tuesday’s activities include violin lessons for the big boy, piano lessons for the littles, and then scouts for the 2 biggest boys.  There’s a tiny gap for eating in […]
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Turkey and Bean Lunch Taquitos

  Every week I share 5 packable lunch recipes with my subscribers at Grocery Shrink Plus. This is just one of them, and one of our favorites! I was trying to photograph these for the blog, and look who couldn’t wait! Homemade Taco Seasoning Here. PrintTurkey and Bean Lunch Taquitos Ingredients20 6" tortillas 8 oz […]
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Homemade Pizza Rolls

We got the privilege of babysitting our cousins the other night.  We used to trade every week but with remodeling/rearranging in both households it’s been awhile. To be honest both families have oldest daughters now who are old enough to babysit their own families.  Trading babysitting really isn’t necessary, but we don’t say that out […]
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Ever Been Overwhelmed?

The feeling your eight year old self got when Mom said, “Go clean your room?” The feeling you get when you pick up the kids from school and realize it’s ballet night, soccer night, and your turn to provide snacks, and you still aren’t sure what’s for dinner? The feeling you get when 2 foundation […]
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Bulk Cooking: Slow Cooked Ground Beef

As the weeks drag on without a kitchen, I’m starting to loose it a little.  Our project was delayed in an unforeseen scheduling conflict with one of our professionals and our finish date is two months in the future…..sigh.  But when it’s all said and done it will be worth it. Part of holding it […]
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Homemade Push Pop Review

Last Fall we bought these: And finally got around to trying them.  They are sturdy silicone and flexible.  The lids go on and off easily.  We filled ours with Great Value brand strawberry yogurt, the kind that comes in a 32 oz container at Walmart.  We laid them on their side in the freezer and […]
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Whole Fruit Popsicles

It’s raging summer here and temperatures are expected over 100 degrees tomorrow and Thursday.  To get ready, we made some whole fruit popsicles. I peeled whole kiwi (6) and sliced each into 3 pieces.  Inserted a stick (we used craft sticks and no one died or got sick.) and froze them on trays. I also […]
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Smoothie Concentrate

Smoothies are a great way to get in fruit and veggie servings plus protein. And in the warmer months, this lovely cold thick meal can’t be beat. (I mean, really, it’s like having ice cream for breakfast.) Now fresh smoothies are easier than ever before, with homemade concentrate. It’s easier to start with fresh or thawed […]
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Streamlining Meal Preparation

When life is busy one of the hardest parts of keeping meal’s costs down is doing the preparation at home.  The more prepared we purchase our food, the higher the price.  What if we could have the convenience of prepared foods but pay for unprepared ones?  Last week I showed you two ways to do […]
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Freezing Meal Parts

I have a short video for you today showing a quick tip in action. While you are cooking parts of a meal, you can cook extra and freeze portions for a fast start on another meal. Yesterday I cooked 3 lbs of pasta. It took the same amount of time as cooking 1 lb and […]
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