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An important fact about Playdough

I was shopping for birthday gifts this week for a little boy that’s about to turn 3.  Is that even possible? This boy is particularly fond of playdough.  Sometimes I like to make my own, but this time I wanted him to have some with vivid bright colors and decided to splurge for the real […]
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How to Properly Use a Red Card

Ah Target. For all your personal flaws, I like your aisle style. I love that your red card includes a debit card option, gives me a 5% discount, donates a percentage of my purchases to my school, and gives me free shipping online. You have an ulterior motive though.  I can see through your niceness. […]
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What you need to know about your threshold

When I was 12 years old, I was 30 lbs overweight and miserable. That’s 12 year old me all the way over on the right. My dad’s entire family was obese and even though my dad was normal and my mom was tiny, I was convinced that I looked the way I did because of […]
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Apple Carrot Muffins

This looks like a recipe, but it’s really a lesson in substitutions.  Apples are $1.50 a lb, carrots are $.33 a lb.  Sub part of the carrots for the apples in this recipe and the kids get more vitamins and I get more money for groceries.  Win-win.  Made with fresh ground whole wheat flour, these […]
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Plywood Countertops

When we first started planning our kitchen remodel, we did it sitting at this table: The space was so full of walls, cabinets, stuff–that it made it hard for our big family to function day to day.  We studied the original blueprints, looking for support walls.  Then planned the removal of everything we could to […]
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How to blow your budget and end up eating stuff like “Ox Tail” but not starve

For new readers, I’m challenging myself to only spend $400 a month on food–to feed 8.  That’s $1.66 per person per day or about 50% of what we would be given from the government if we qualified for food stamps.  We are doing this because a huge foundation repair on our home devoured our savings […]
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Come With Me…

I’m visiting over at Stacy Makes Cents today. Telling my story about our house, our stress, our food budget. It’ll be fun. Here’s the first pic we saw of the house we live in now   Come read the story….
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The Character of Money

Trying to stay on a budget without a foundation of good character is like trying to stick to a weight loss plan without addressing the inner reasons why I’m fat to begin with.  I’ll end up sitting on the sofa in 3 days with an open bag of Doritos. When I’ve been out of control […]
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Homemade Silly Sludge aka GAK

Happy President’s Day!  We love our founding presidents for sure. We celebrate their day by working on the house and trying to keep the kids from watching movies or playing video games ALL day.   Day time clothes are optional.  Bathrobes and fuzzy pajamas are acceptable for the dress code.  (We talk about patriotism nearly […]
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Ground Rules for Babysitting Exchanges

In yesterday’s post, I promised to introduce you to Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents.   Stacy is a young mother of 2, living in Virginia who is famous for her healthy crock pot recipes. She has published several books and is currently working on a new cook book with nothing but creative oatmeal recipes. They […]
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