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It’s a Good Time to Wrap Up…

…all the presents you’ve collected so far.  I tend to get overhwelmed with the growing pile.  We limited it to 2 gifts for each of our kids.  But a lot of kids x 2 = a lot of gifts. Plus I shopped for 8 of my 14 nieces and nephews (I love the rest too, […]
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What can I get for $1?

I like to shop at Dollar Tree…..a lot.  I know it’s not quality stuff.  I’m not expecting quality…not really, lol.  I am expecting to afford it and to have choices.  There’s something nice about going into a place and knowing I can afford to buy anything I want. I used to buy my cleaning supplies […]
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The Busy Mom’s Dinner Survival Guide

  Today we have basketball practice for 2 teams, 2 ballet classes, Boy Scouts, Handmaidens, Lamplighters, and Trailblazers, plus practice time for 2 violin and 4 piano students.  Those are just our after school activities.  We’ve talked about limiting kid activities more, but when it’s time to choose the thing to drop, we freeze up.  Each […]
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A Drop in the Bucket

Right after we got out of debt, my husband received word that they were transferring us to Indianapolis, Indiana and renting us an apartment so he could open a new department in that branch.  It would be for about a year and then they would transfer us back. It sounded like a fun adventure. We […]
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A little Christmas sewing

  Here’s what I’ve discovered about handmade Christmas.  It’s not stressful if the projects are small enough, fast enough, and easy enough (and the supplies are easy and cheap to get-stash is all the beter.) It is not my season in life to draft my own patterns or make up a new way.  All of […]
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The Filthy Rich

Lately at Sunday School, the pulpit, normal conversation …  discussions about the rich have been more frequent than usual.  Most of the conversations have been about the evils of wealth and the scriptures that talk about how hard it is for a rich man to get into heaven. In all of these discussions, no one talking about the […]
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Surrounding Myself with Success

I don’t have a lot of time today, but I wanted to express something short.  We become like the people we spend the most time with.  If we want to be savers, hanging out with extravagant spenders will influence how satisfied we are with our meager existence. Have you ever heard someone say, “I grew up […]
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Saving Yourself Into Debt

Early in our marriage I saved so much money, that I nearly ruined our finances. Nothing inspired me to spend like a 40% off coupon or a dollar bin of yarn.  I’d head into the salvage stores just to see what kind of good deals I could find.  At Walmart, I always checked the clearance […]
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Some Cool Things

Today is a busy day.  This week I’ve gone through all my fabric (roughly 12 big tubs worth) and am letting it all go.  Well, almost all of it.  I’ve kept back just enough to fill 3 Sterilite tubs.  The rest needs to be cleaned, straightened, measured and marked for the craft show this weekend. […]
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Write Your Own Debt Free Story

I posted a link on facebook that went viral.  It went to Kelly’s story of how they paid off their house in 5 years.   Reading her story again made me think about how I could write my own future “house” debt free story.  Then live it. Following Dave’s baby steps, we still need to finish our emergency fund; […]
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