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Inflation Vs Market Swing

I’ve been arguing for years that food isn’t as affected by inflation as it is the commodity market swing.  I saw this poster on facebook this week and I think it proves my point: For simplicity’s sake, let’s pretend inflation has driven everything 10x’s higher.  By moving the decimal point on place to the right […]
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Bean and Cheese Enchiladas

Frugal food doesn’t have to be time consuming.  Here’s a fast dish I threw together with all convenience items while our bread was baking last night.  Tuesday’s activities include violin lessons for the big boy, piano lessons for the littles, and then scouts for the 2 biggest boys.  There’s a tiny gap for eating in […]
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When it’s Time to Bake Bread

There are  just a few days left in the month. I used the last of our grocery money on Monday and discovered this morning that we are out of bread. It matters because all the kids pack their own lunches in a half asleep state at 6:30 am and when there’s no bread they get confused, […]
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How much was that meal?

This is something I hardly ever think about. I like to feed my family and guests, and not think about how much it costs. I think about the money when I’m at the store, but once I’m home, I don’t. Last week, the school sent home a note that made me think about it a […]
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Homemade Baking Mix

Baking Mixes save time by eliminating some steps to your cooking.  My favorite mixes are useful in lots of different applications, just like this one. I made a little video to show you how easy this is to put together.  If you have 4 minutes, you can do this. Here’s what you’ll need: a 5 […]
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Can I Afford to Stay Home With My Kids?

When we first married I was a 5th grade teacher. It was a great job, but also really stressful.  I became pregnant after we had been married just 3 months.  I had already signed my teaching contract for the next year. There was a steep contract breaking fee, but it didn’t matter.  My husband was in grad […]
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Wrapping up the Spending Freeze

Can you believe the 31 day freeze is over?  I know some of you have already told me you are going for another month and I think that’s awesome.   We had a possible $200 from our basic living expenses to put back into our goal fund.  Those dollars were kept separate from my purse, […]
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Spending Freeze Day 28: Raise Your Income

Oh, Ladies, what a busy day!  Last night, I sent out a little email about $1 memberships ending Saturday at midnight, and I spent my day calling 72 of the most amazing people who wanted to find out all about it.  They didn’t know when they put their phone number down that I was going […]
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Spending Freeze The Final Week! (Day 26) Let’s Earn Some Dough

It’s the last week of the spending freeze.  I’m super excited!  I’ve had to buy a few things besides food, but I was able to do it without dipping into my envelopes that I was hoping to save aside for the “goal.”  I have just enough cash left in food to grab milk or something […]
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Spending Freeze Day 22: Prioritizing Your Spending

If you didn’t have enough money one month to pay all your bills, what would you do? (while you figured out how to make more money…) You’d prioritize your spending. If you could only afford 1 thing, what would it be? 1. Probably Food (Not lobster tails, right?  Just basic nutritious food.) 3.  Then if you […]
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