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3 Budget Saving Fixes

Oh, Girls!  I am in such a good place right now.  My adrenals are almost completely recovered. I have energy and life doesn’t feel overwhelming.  I know the blog has been quiet, but it’s not because things aren’t well here.  I’ve been enjoying my family and working on things behind the scenes at Grocery Shrink Plus […]
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Hold the Phone!!!

…literally!  Our menu service just added smart phone enabled shopping lists with the free Out of Milk app.  (No smart phone, no worries.  The pdf shopping lists aren’t going anywhere.) This means no more printing shopping lists.  It works on both iphone and android devices.  Family phones can sync up and share lists and changes. (So your spouse can […]
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How to Make Homemade Fortified Almond Milk

I turned my nose up at vegan milks for years.  Real milk has protein and calcium, it’s affordable, and tastes great.  Why mess with a good thing? Then I met up with the symptoms of lactose intolerance.  Sometimes I could eat dairy products without consequence and sometimes I would be doubled over in pain.  It was […]
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Tough Decisions

It was one of those mornings. Brandon was screaming for a half an hour, because he couldn’t find his backpack.  No one could find the backpack, and I was asking him to move on, “Make your lunch.” He’s in first grade, his backpack is empty.  We have other bags. Seriously.  But it was super important […]
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Frugal Weekend Shopping from Your Sofa

A friend of mine shared a gift card with me to ThredUp.  I’ve been hearing about them, but never checked it out before now.  I looked around their site and was amazed at the selection of stylish stuff for thrift store prices.  Some of the items are brand new, some are gently used.  Each description […]
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Are you Cheap?

Cheap. Growing up, I didn’t know that word was an insult.  If someone said, “I like your shoes?”  I’d reply, “Thanks, and they were cheap!” Like it was the their best feature.  And if you looked interested, I’d probably tell you how much they cost and where you could snag your own deal. It wasn’t […]
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How to Get Your Husband to Budget with You

Hi Ladies! Long time no see. I’ve been back in bed for a bit, except to teach choir and maybe another hour or two.  Technically I could blog from bed (like I’m doing now) but sometimes even that takes too much energy. I don’t want to dwell on that, though. I want to talk about manipulation.  Wait. […]
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A Look at Contentment Part 1

During a long illness last winter, I watched every episode of “Say Yes to the Dress.”  It was shocking.  I couldn’t look away.  These brides willingly dropped half an annual salary on a dress they would wear once, for a marriage that was likely to end in divorce within the next 5 years. Many girls […]
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Teaching Kids to Handle Money: The Trip Envelope

My parents have 8 grandchildren. Two years ago, they started an annual tradition to build personal relationships with each of the kids in small groups. Every year, they take 2 of the kids on a road trip to see some national treasure like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite or Pike’s Peak.   For the year leading […]
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House Remodel Update

Have you ever been pregnant almost 2 weeks past your due date and someone asked, “Have you had that baby yet?” “Um, look at me.  Do I look like I’ve had this baby?” I know people are just trying to reach out, to make conversation and say “I care about you.” What an overdue mama really needs […]
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