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Pins I Love 4-5-14

 Click the photos to go to the source and find out more: Sugar Free Easter Basket Gift Idea We are getting new gutters. It would be a great time to set something like this up! These would be great in the diaper bag for times we have to wait (like at vision therapy.)  Maybe make […]
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Weekend Garden Links

If you are starting seeds at home, it’s time!  I’m not, just so you don’t think I’m super awesome or anything.  I’m going to happily plunk down my money at the greenhouse for real plants–only after I get my rabbit fence up. I had a very expensive garden fail last year when the cute little […]
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Sweet Potatoes!

Grandpa Coffman grew some giant sweet potatoes this year!  And he shared with us.  So I have been scouring the web for some new recipes to use the bounty.  Here are some in my must try file.  Sweet Potato Hash Browns Sweet Potato Pancakes Sweet Potato Waffles And since we love potato and eggs for […]
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My Newest Student and a Tip

I have the flu :(. It started when I was at the emergency clinic with Dub Saturday having a two week old toothpick removed from his foot. By the time I got home I had a high fever, chills, and couldn’t stand without the room spinning. I called my mommy :). It seems like no […]
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Green and Growing

I planted my garden a few days ago and little green shoots are coming up. The garden is more shaded than it appeared to be in winter before the tree leaves appeared. So it is a great experiment if anything will grow. This bed has sprouts of green beans and okra popping up their heads. […]
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The kiddoes are picking mulberries off our tree in the back garden. They got about a quart with more to ripen soon. I’m trying to post a photo from my phone. Crossing my fingers that the wordpress app will work this time.
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Garden Update :)

Here’s a reminder of what my old garden spot looked like: Two weeks ago we had a garage sale and while I sat in the garage helping customers, Darren cleared my garden spot!  What a relief.  I didn’t know how I was going to find time to do that. Then he built the beds for me too!  (I bought kits […]
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Why I Have Poison Ivy…

Our new home has a jungle for a front yard (and back yard.)  So much of it is beautiful flowering plants gone wild.  Most of the front yard is a lovely shade loving ground cover that blooms all over in purple flowers.  The beauty is spoiled by all sorts of volunteer trees etc. popping up through.  So […]
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Bonus!!! Guest Post on Starting Seeds

Remember when I mentioned about my cousin Rachael’s seed starting shelf with lights?  I convinced her to write a little post for us on how to build one and get started with the seeds.  She is continuing the theme on her own blog with more step by step care instructions and photos.  At the end of […]
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Preserving the Harvest

I save a bundle on my food budget by preserving garden or low-cost purchased produce.  Proper preservation prevents vitamin loss and spoilage.  The three basic types of food preservation are drying, canning, and freezing.  Some foods (like apples, onions, potatoes, and winter squash) can also be preserved for a few months in their fresh state in […]
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