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A little Phonics and Laundry

Here’s a fun, turn off the TV game for early learners.  To set it up, write the names of basic clothing items on sticky address labels, leaving a space between each phonogram.  Here’s the list we used: sh ir t b e l t P a n t s h a t s o ck […]
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Magical Messy Microwave Cure and Busy Bag Swap

I haven’t forgotten about the magical messy microwave cure,  but first I wanted to tell you about a wonderful party I’ve been invited to–A Busy Bag Swap!  So far there are more than 40 ladies coming and the hostess is having it at a church so we can all be together.  The huge group is […]
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Driving through Needle Pass

We were watching our home videos after getting home from the trip and had to laugh at ourselves. It doesn’t take much to send me off in a Bible or Science lesson, lol.  Even though I’m sending my older children to Christian school this year and am only homeschooling Preschool, I will always be a […]
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Wanted: Homeschool Teacher

I have a teaching degree and taught 5th grade for two years, when I was VERY young.  I turned 22 on the first day of school and though I did a decent job, would do a much better job today after having been a parent.  I had already decided that when I was blessed with […]
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Daddy Dollars

I’m on the lookout for ways to reward my kids that reinforce our family values.  I was super excited last year to read about Daddy Dollars in Family Fun magazine and wrote a post about it here.  These types of ideas are hard for me to stick with for a number of reasons.  I don’t always have them with me […]
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Building a Routine

Whether you prefer a strict time dependent schedule or a looser routine, building predicatbility into our families’  lives helps with discipline, eases anxiety, and allows us to get more done.  For those of us with children with high anxiety levels, autism, or ADHD–this is not optional! Every summer before school starts again, I mull over our past […]
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Drill it with Go Fish

Easy to make and easy to play!  Grab 2–$1 decks of Go-Fish cards from Dollar General.   Use a sharpee to write on them.  We used phonograms, but I could see this done with state abbreviations or periodic chart element abbreviations.  Although the original game had 4 matches to a set, we did ours with 2 so […]
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Tag Team Chores

I am washing a bathtub full of dishes right now and it seems to fill up so fast.  The task soon becomes overwhelming and the longer I put it off the worse it gets!  If only I could work for 15 minutes and stop that would be great!  I can do anything for 15 minutes.  […]
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I’m trying not to freak out

Our homeschool starts next Monday and I’m not feeling ready.  I have 3 kiddoes school age, but thankfully only 2 are old enough to record hours.  My youngest 2 are showing a real interest in learning to read and I need to spend some time with them too.  I might feel better about it if our house wasn’t such a […]
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Getting Children to Sit in Church

Going to church with my children has been my greatest joy and my greatest challenge.  My methods have changed from when my oldest daughter was born 10 years ago and how we manage things today.  When I realized things weren’t working for me I sat down and thought about what my goals were in taking my children […]
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