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Every Yes is a No

This basic fact is something my parents taught me when I was young. I remember wanting a toy at the store….a baby doll care set.  It had a training potty, bottles, bowl and spoon, pretend diapers…everything.  It was beautiful.  I was all about baby dolls at that age. (Which might explain my 6 kids .)  […]
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Ham and Cheese Pockets

There’s something wonderful about having a basic recipe memorized.  It gives freedom in cooking and opens up creativity.  It allows a woman to go into another home, discover a need, and whip up a delicious supper without running to the internet or a cook book.   My Basic pizza dough is a recipe like that. […]
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How to Properly Use a Red Card

Ah Target. For all your personal flaws, I like your aisle style. I love that your red card includes a debit card option, gives me a 5% discount, donates a percentage of my purchases to my school, and gives me free shipping online. You have an ulterior motive though.  I can see through your niceness. […]
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What you need to know about your threshold

When I was 12 years old, I was 30 lbs overweight and miserable. That’s 12 year old me all the way over on the right. My dad’s entire family was obese and even though my dad was normal and my mom was tiny, I was convinced that I looked the way I did because of […]
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It’s happening….

I’m sitting in the Vision Therapy office today.  We have two children receiving therapy right now and life is full.  This is the first week I’ve found a wifi signal at the office, and am using some of this hurry up and wait time to write to you. While I am here watching Grant play […]
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How to blow your budget and end up eating stuff like “Ox Tail” but not starve

For new readers, I’m challenging myself to only spend $400 a month on food–to feed 8.  That’s $1.66 per person per day or about 50% of what we would be given from the government if we qualified for food stamps.  We are doing this because a huge foundation repair on our home devoured our savings […]
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25 Ways to Raise Happy Kids

  A few weeks ago, I was sitting in church with a full heart.  We had been trading illness around our house for a few months and hadn’t been able to attend as a family for that long.  It felt so good to be there!  I had a lot of things on my mind…a special […]
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The Way I Speak About Him…

…will determine the way the rest of the world sees him.  I know him better than anyone else.  I know more about him than anyone else.  If I say unflattering things about my husband, his reputation will suffer.  My girl-friends will lose their respect for him.  My mother could hold a grudge as a natural […]
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Take Note

It’s time to do yourself a little favor.  Take a quiet moment while the memories are still fresh and write some Christmas notes for yourself for next year. This isn’t the time to make huge plans (Which is so tempting when the execution of those plans is still 12 months away.)   Just write some […]
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The Perfect Christmas

I easily get caught up in wanting Christmas to be perfect and dreaming huge dreams for the short future.  Dreams so huge that when the future speedily comes my way I flail and flounder and botch everything up. In the past I’ve had lists of 25 activities that I want to do with the kids […]
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