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Freezer Bag Cooking: Lunch and Dinner

Yesterday I shared with you some really simple Freezer Bag Breakfast Recipes perfect for camping or just to make ahead for busy moments.  Today I’m going to give you my best Freezer Bag Lunch and Dinner recipes.  When meals are packed frozen in a cooler, you need less ice and they gradually thaw to be ready […]
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Ham and Cheese Pockets

There’s something wonderful about having a basic recipe memorized.  It gives freedom in cooking and opens up creativity.  It allows a woman to go into another home, discover a need, and whip up a delicious supper without running to the internet or a cook book.   My Basic pizza dough is a recipe like that. […]
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Turkey and Bean Lunch Taquitos

  Every week I share 5 packable lunch recipes with my subscribers at Grocery Shrink Plus. This is just one of them, and one of our favorites! I was trying to photograph these for the blog, and look who couldn’t wait! Homemade Taco Seasoning Here. PrintTurkey and Bean Lunch Taquitos Ingredients20 6" tortillas 8 oz […]
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Homemade Pizza Rolls

We got the privilege of babysitting our cousins the other night.  We used to trade every week but with remodeling/rearranging in both households it’s been awhile. To be honest both families have oldest daughters now who are old enough to babysit their own families.  Trading babysitting really isn’t necessary, but we don’t say that out […]
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Coconut Blueberry Muffin in A Mug

It’s about time for a recipe around here.  And there’s nothing like a contest with a $2000 prize to motivate a little cooking :).  We sure could use the money on our kitchen project, but the lack of a kitchen makes testing recipes more of a challenge.  Ah, who doesn’t like a challenge? I was […]
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Bulk Cooking: Slow Cooked Ground Beef

As the weeks drag on without a kitchen, I’m starting to loose it a little.  Our project was delayed in an unforeseen scheduling conflict with one of our professionals and our finish date is two months in the future…..sigh.  But when it’s all said and done it will be worth it. Part of holding it […]
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Homemade Push Pop Review

Last Fall we bought these: And finally got around to trying them.  They are sturdy silicone and flexible.  The lids go on and off easily.  We filled ours with Great Value brand strawberry yogurt, the kind that comes in a 32 oz container at Walmart.  We laid them on their side in the freezer and […]
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Kid Friendly Food: Cheeseburger Soup

If you are on my menu subscription plan, you might have noticed in the cooler months  plan a delicious, innovative soup twice a week.  Why?  Soups are the most cost effective meals out there.  They are slow cooker friendly and all in one meals that busy moms can appreciate.  And the warm liquid fills up […]
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Amazing Black Rice Chicken Salad

Amazing isn’t a strong enough word for how delicious this salad is!  I used black rice because I saw it at Costco one day and thought I would try it.  It’s cheaper than wild rice and is a change of pace from my usual brown rice.  It cooks up a deep purple color and the […]
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Restaurant Style Spinach Queso Dip Recipe

Heidi and Caleb are home after spending a week on the farm. It took about 2 days for me to get over how easy it was to set the table and put children to bed with 2 less and then really start to miss them. I’d think of questions to ask them, things I wanted […]
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