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Batch Cooking Ground Beef in Your Slow Cooker

I first figured out this worked on a desperate day when I didn’t have a kitchen. The no kitchen season of our lives lasted almost a year and I relied on my slow cooker and electric griddle for making almost everything. Since then, I’ve reused this method changing the seasoning to suit the dish.  Taco seasoning for batch […]
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The Easiest Shredded Chicken for Your Freezer

Chicken salad, enchiladas, tostadas, tetrazzini, chicken spaghetti, pot pie, taquitos, quesadillas.  They all start with shredded  chicken.  When there’s a recipe sized bag ready to go in the freezer, the rest of the meal doesn’t seem so hard. I bought frozen grilled chicken pieces from Aldi yesterday.  My stress level had come to that. It […]
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Homemade Baking Mix

Baking Mixes save time by eliminating some steps to your cooking.  My favorite mixes are useful in lots of different applications, just like this one. I made a little video to show you how easy this is to put together.  If you have 4 minutes, you can do this. Here’s what you’ll need: a 5 […]
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Ever Been Overwhelmed?

The feeling your eight year old self got when Mom said, “Go clean your room?” The feeling you get when you pick up the kids from school and realize it’s ballet night, soccer night, and your turn to provide snacks, and you still aren’t sure what’s for dinner? The feeling you get when 2 foundation […]
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3 More Quart Size Spice Mixes

Fajita Mix: 3/4 c seasoned salt 3/4 cup oregano 3/4 cup cumin 1/2 c garlic powder 1/2 c chili powder 1/4 cup paprika Yield:  3 1/2 c To use mix 2 Tbs oil; 2 Tbs fresh lime juice with zest; and 2 Tbs fajita mix to marinade 4 chicken breasts overnight. Spaghetti Sauce Mix #1: […]
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3: Quart Jar Spice Mixes

I’ve been out of town and there’s so much to catch up about.  But first I’d like to give you a post that’s actually useful :). Our large family uses a lot of spice mixes especially ranch dressing mix; taco seasoning; and onion soup mix.  I’ve never purchased a packet of seasoning from the store–it’s […]
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Jar Gift Mix: Split Pea Soup

This tasty soup is ready in just 30 minutes on the stove, or 3 hours in the slow cooker.  All you need to add is carrots and water.  This would make a lovely gift for a school teacher who needs a night off from cooking.  I’ll work on a printable tag for it.  Presenation is […]
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Vlog: Creating Your Own Homemade Mix Recipes

When making your own mixes, start with a scratch recipe that you love, and make several mixes the same time you are making this dish for your family.  Place each dry ingredient from the recipe in single batch containers as you are adding that ingredient to the one you are cooking right then.  This saves time because […]
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Skillet Lasagna Mix

My daughter’s church girl’s club (Handmaidens) used to sell jar mixes (Handmaiden Helpers) as a fund raiser.  One in particular was a favorite of mine, Skillet Lasagna Mix.  I don’t have the original recipe, but here’s a close second. Lasagna Skillet Mix 6 T instant dry milk 2 T cornstarch or 4 T flour 2 […]
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