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Free Printable Lunch Planner

How do you feel about school starting again?  I love my hour I spend with the High School choir every day, and I love that my kids go to school in a place with small classes where the scriptures are woven into every subject.  One the other hand, we trade a little bit of peace […]
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Crocheted Baskets Vs. Target

I’ve been makin’ stuff, because it’s Spring break–and besides cleaning up vomit, I needed a diversion. (Yep, 5 of the 6 kids are down with the flu–and it’s been lasting 4 days for each of them–sigh.) I purchased 3 huge skeins of natural cotton worsted weight yarn after Christmas (using a gift card :).) I […]
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Bulk Cooking: Slow Cooked Ground Beef

As the weeks drag on without a kitchen, I’m starting to loose it a little.  Our project was delayed in an unforeseen scheduling conflict with one of our professionals and our finish date is two months in the future…..sigh.  But when it’s all said and done it will be worth it. Part of holding it […]
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School Supplies and the Budget Part 2

Now that I’ve paid attention this year and see what school supplies cost, I’ll know to budget $25 per child next year. Plus more for shoes. We can split it up over the year and put $10 a month into an envelope tucked away in the safe. Or we can choose to fund the whole […]
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School Supplies and the budget Part 1

I have 5 children going to school this fall.  How can this be?  Grant and I are going to have a wonderful time together just he and I. But we will be excited for the brothers and sisters coming home in the afternoon! I miss homeschooling sometimes….the total influence I had on their lives. Always […]
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What if….

…I ran my home like a summer camp? There’d be: Rise and Shine–at the same time every day. Morning worship. Breakfast and KP and bathroom cleaning (and songs during clean up.) (And of course staff to cook and young men to serve it ….bwa ha ha.) Cabin Inspections in the morning with public recognition and […]
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Small homes can be Beautiful too

Please read all the way to the end to see how to vote for Carmella in the Small Cool Contest.  There aren’t very many families in the running with 3 boys!  I’d love to see her win. ******************************************** I’m so excited about this post!  I get to introduce you to my friend Carmella.  I thought […]
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Kid’s Room Organization–4 easy steps

Children’s rooms may be the hardest rooms in the house to organize, because they have their own ideas :).  The best system to use is one you develop with their help and is simple for them to use.   Eclectic Kids design by Vancouver Interior Designer The Sky is the Limit Design I once saw […]
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Organizing Clothes

At the end of this be sure to click the link to a previous post about how I like to make sure we have just the right amount of clothing for our needs and space limitations. But first, I have updated pictures of the little boy’s closet.  This closet houses 2 boys and the third […]
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Sewing Rooms, Craft Areas, and the Home Office

Prepare to lose all respect for me. This was my office/sewing studio/school room.  It was a mess. (It’s a different kind of mess now.) I forget the actual measurements of the room, but it’s something like 20 feet by 17 feet. If I wanted to get nothing accomplished today I would go measure it for […]
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