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Spending Freeze Day 8: Getting Creative

Having money to spend gives choices.  Sometimes having too many choices can make it harder to make a decision.  During our spending freeze, we have the ease of few choices :).  Example to follow: We had to take down our Christmas decorations this month.  Sniff, sniff.  I didn’t get some of them up until December […]
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How to Make Homemade Fortified Almond Milk

I turned my nose up at vegan milks for years.  Real milk has protein and calcium, it’s affordable, and tastes great.  Why mess with a good thing? Then I met up with the symptoms of lactose intolerance.  Sometimes I could eat dairy products without consequence and sometimes I would be doubled over in pain.  It was […]
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The Best *Free* Baby Gift Tutorials from Around the Web

To make the list, the tutorials needed to be useful, adorable, free, super easy, use small amounts of materials, and be fast to make. Like I woke up late Saturday morning, and the shower’s at 2pm and I don’t have a gift yet, fast to make. Click photos to go to the source and get […]
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Noah’s Ark Diaper Cake

You will need: 2 receiving blankets 4 burp cloths 2 wipes containers 1 small package of size 1 diapers A children’s book or this Giraffe teether toy Washcloth animals (opt.) Rubberbands Plastic tray (with metallic finish from Dollar Tree) Ribbon Place one wipes container in the middle of the tray. Ignore the two rubberbands you see, […]
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A One Yard Baby Gift

I love giving, but sometimes I get gift anxiety.  What if they don’t like it?  What if they think I’m cheap? What if I spent all that time and it doesn’t come out right? These feelings could all be avoided if I just went to the store and purchased something and gave them the gift […]
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Crocheted Half Circle Rug

When I finished the rug, DH said, “What do you think of it?” What do I think?  I love it!  I hugged it when you weren’t looking.  I did dances around it, took off my socks so I could really feel it under my feet.  Knowing how he feels about crochet, I only said, “I think it […]
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Homemade Silly Sludge aka GAK

Happy President’s Day!  We love our founding presidents for sure. We celebrate their day by working on the house and trying to keep the kids from watching movies or playing video games ALL day.   Day time clothes are optional.  Bathrobes and fuzzy pajamas are acceptable for the dress code.  (We talk about patriotism nearly […]
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Tea Towel Cafe apron

Happy October! Ready for a super easy project that makes an adorable gift? (Get your Christmas done early. Teacher gifts? White elephant?) It’s so fast, you can make one for yourself too. All you need is 1 tea towel, and 1 package (3 yards) of quilt binding in a coordinating color. Quilt binding comes bias […]
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Brandon’s Dinosaur Backpack

Back before we started Heather’s room project, I stitched up Brandon a kindergarten sized backpack.  He loves green and dinosaurs so I dug through my stash to see what I could find.  I had already been to 3 stores and decided that it was hard to find a quality back pack that was affordable too. […]
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Bulk Cooking: Slow Cooked Ground Beef

As the weeks drag on without a kitchen, I’m starting to loose it a little.  Our project was delayed in an unforeseen scheduling conflict with one of our professionals and our finish date is two months in the future…..sigh.  But when it’s all said and done it will be worth it. Part of holding it […]
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