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How to Use Pinterest to Discover your Design Style

Do you know your design style?  Are you a little bit modern or country?  Do you like lots of decorations or prefer a minimalistic style?  White walls, dark walls, neutral or bold?  Painted trim, or stained wood? For some of us it’s hard to decide. I can appreciate any well decorated space, so I made the […]
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Smart Tiles Installation and Review

Mix month is still going strong and I have a big line up for you next week!  But for the weekend I wanted to show you some progress I’m making in the girl’s bathroom. In July, I’ll have a whole month of house projects and frugal nesting ideas for you–this is just a sneak peek […]
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Batch Cooking Ground Beef in Your Slow Cooker

I first figured out this worked on a desperate day when I didn’t have a kitchen. The no kitchen season of our lives lasted almost a year and I relied on my slow cooker and electric griddle for making almost everything. Since then, I’ve reused this method changing the seasoning to suit the dish.  Taco seasoning for batch […]
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No Sew Bedskirt

When we were redoing our room last month, I was surprised how many little details make a space feel finished.  The bedskirt is one of those. Our previous bed had a wooden frame that hid the box springs.  We were ready for a new look, so kept the headboard only and put the bed on metal […]
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Moss Covered Monogram

In the Cozy Minimalist class, I learned that plants breathe life into the room.  My family room is land locked and light deprived.  Real plants wouldn’t survive a week in this space, so a little creativity is in order. (The plants in the picture are fake IKEA plants.  Cute…but too small for the space?  I’m looking for […]
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The Risk of Painting Brick

  There are a lot of things I love about our family room.  It’s open concept so we can see the kitchen from our comfy sofa.  It’s big with lots of options for furniture placement.  It has yummy hand scraped hardwood floors and French doors leading out to a sunroom and deck. The room has […]
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Spending Freeze Day 8: Getting Creative

Having money to spend gives choices.  Sometimes having too many choices can make it harder to make a decision.  During our spending freeze, we have the ease of few choices :).  Example to follow: We had to take down our Christmas decorations this month.  Sniff, sniff.  I didn’t get some of them up until December […]
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How to Make Homemade Fortified Almond Milk

I turned my nose up at vegan milks for years.  Real milk has protein and calcium, it’s affordable, and tastes great.  Why mess with a good thing? Then I met up with the symptoms of lactose intolerance.  Sometimes I could eat dairy products without consequence and sometimes I would be doubled over in pain.  It was […]
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The Best *Free* Baby Gift Tutorials from Around the Web

To make the list, the tutorials needed to be useful, adorable, free, super easy, use small amounts of materials, and be fast to make. Like I woke up late Saturday morning, and the shower’s at 2pm and I don’t have a gift yet, fast to make. Click photos to go to the source and get […]
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Noah’s Ark Diaper Cake

You will need: 2 receiving blankets 4 burp cloths 2 wipes containers 1 small package of size 1 diapers A children’s book or this Giraffe teether toy Washcloth animals (opt.) Rubberbands Plastic tray (with metallic finish from Dollar Tree) Ribbon Place one wipes container in the middle of the tray. Ignore the two rubberbands you see, […]
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