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What You’ve Wanted to Know About MomCEO…

..but been afraid to ask. Let’s talk a little about the MOMCEO ad button in the right hand side bar.  The one that looks like this: Some of you have clicked it and some of you have been curious but afraid to click. I want you to know that I personally just signed up with […]
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Summer Vacation

Dear Readers, my blog is officially on summer break. If you miss me, The menus will still be going strong with new recipes all summer! My family will be home this summer and I don’t want to miss a minute of them.  See you in August
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Baby Gown and Hat Set for Free

Baby gift Idea #2. Are you brave?  How brave? Brave enough to sew with knit?  What if it were free? (Well… free according to the craft hoarders rule book.) If you have a spare t-shirt, you could make a darling infant gown with it and if it doesn’t work out….you only lost the shirt.   […]
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Did I tell You?

That I set up a new way to get my blog posts via email?  I used to use Benchmark as my blog delivery service, but the font was super small and the pictures didn’t email.  I talked to tech support several times and their terse answers didn’t get me very far in making the emails […]
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Heather’s Bedroom Birthday Surprise Part 6

This was the day I’d been waiting for, the day I got to see the new wall color for real.  First I had to put a coat of paint on the ceiling, finish painting the wood trim, wash the ceiling texture off the walls, then patch, sand and prime them. No problem, right?   Also, […]
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Small homes can be Beautiful too

Please read all the way to the end to see how to vote for Carmella in the Small Cool Contest.  There aren’t very many families in the running with 3 boys!  I’d love to see her win. ******************************************** I’m so excited about this post!  I get to introduce you to my friend Carmella.  I thought […]
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Faux Leather Floor Update

I’ve done several faux leather floors (aka paper bag floor) and some definitely worked better than others. The paper floor on my dining room looked amazing when I first got it done, and was a huge improvement over the vinyl: Unfortunately the floor didn’t hold up as well installed over the vinyl as it did […]
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The Cookie of all Cookies?

I found this pin: Source: viaAgnes onPinterest And the description said: Swig Sugar Cookie Recipe. This is the cookie that all other cookies for the rest of your life will be compared to. So I had to bake it and find out. I tell you, it was hard not to change anything about the recipe. […]
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Bountiful String Quartet Winner and Sponsor Love

We have a winner!  Chosen completely randomly by rafflecopter, Heidi Wiskur won a digital copy of Bountiful String Quartet‘s New CD.  I know she will enjoy that! We are swamped with schoolwork at the Grocery Shrink house.  And I’m having too good a time cleaning, doing laundry, and catching up on my mending basket to […]
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Scouting Out Spring Styles

We still haven’t purchased any of our spring clothes, but I’ve been searching the web for things we like.  I’ve noticed some definite trends in what is showing–not sure how I feel about things yet. The hi-low skirt idea was ruined on me in High School when my best friend’s dad named them the saggy […]
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