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Spending Freeze Day 8: Getting Creative

Having money to spend gives choices.  Sometimes having too many choices can make it harder to make a decision.  During our spending freeze, we have the ease of few choices :).  Example to follow: We had to take down our Christmas decorations this month.  Sniff, sniff.  I didn’t get some of them up until December […]
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Valentine Snack Mix

We made Valentine Snack Mix this week, just because. The kids each have a basket to hold their personal snacks for adding to lunches and for grabbing on the way out the door.  I thought these would be a festive and unusual addition to their baskets. This was a big deal to the kiddoes, a […]
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25 Ways to Date your Mate

My friends Stacy and Jenna have been joining me all week for a frugal date blog hop.  And now it’s my turn. The idea was for DH and I to take a super fun and creative date, photograph it and then post it here for inspiration.  Bwa ha ha.   We were able to sneak […]
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Ground Rules for Babysitting Exchanges

In yesterday’s post, I promised to introduce you to Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents.   Stacy is a young mother of 2, living in Virginia who is famous for her healthy crock pot recipes. She has published several books and is currently working on a new cook book with nothing but creative oatmeal recipes. They […]
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The Glue For the 2 of You

Nope this isn’t a craft post.  It’s about marriage.  Some say the glue for a marriage is love, but I disagree.  Romantic feelings come and go and sometimes you just don’t “feel” it.  But that’s not a reason for a marriage to fail if it’s held together by commitment. Marriages are breaking apart all around […]
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Happy Valentine’s Day– Now go date your spouse!

I blew it last week.  I had planned to share with you an amazingly creative post each day on a frugal date that would dazzle your spouse.  But instead I crawled into my shell and studied about affiliate software, computer programming, and other equally boring things.  All those invisible hours will become something beautiful to […]
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Valentine–won’t you be mine?

It’s not too late to do some simple homemade valentine’s this year.  This is one time DIY will cost you MORE than buying a box of licensed cards from Dollar Tree, but not much more. Caleb and Dub are taking these: (Click on the photos to go to the source.)   or these I really […]
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