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Pins I Love 4-5-14

 Click the photos to go to the source and find out more: Sugar Free Easter Basket Gift Idea We are getting new gutters. It would be a great time to set something like this up! These would be great in the diaper bag for times we have to wait (like at vision therapy.)  Maybe make […]
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Crocheted Half Circle Rug

When I finished the rug, DH said, “What do you think of it?” What do I think?  I love it!  I hugged it when you weren’t looking.  I did dances around it, took off my socks so I could really feel it under my feet.  Knowing how he feels about crochet, I only said, “I think it […]
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Crocheted Baskets Vs. Target

I’ve been makin’ stuff, because it’s Spring break–and besides cleaning up vomit, I needed a diversion. (Yep, 5 of the 6 kids are down with the flu–and it’s been lasting 4 days for each of them–sigh.) I purchased 3 huge skeins of natural cotton worsted weight yarn after Christmas (using a gift card :).) I […]
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Feeling Blessed and Free Baby Crochet Patterns

The readers here are amazing.  One of you sent my son a pair of shoes so I wouldn’t spend the money left in my clothing budget, even though the money was there.  She wanted me to get a head start on our 200 ways to save $100.   Another reader emailed to ask me what […]
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Lace Fingerless Gloves

Instead of sewing my afghan squares together, I made these: From this free pattern (click the photo below to go to the pattern) (Argh–cue angry pirate sounds–wordpress is deleting my links so I put a hard copy below the picture.  You’ll have to cut and paste):       I like […]
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Which one do you like better?

This polka dot afghan was supposed to be part of Heather’s room reveal.  That was crazy.  As if I had time to sit and crochet with all the other projects.  But I’ve taken it with me for car rides and appointments and meetings, and now it’s time to make a decision on how to sew […]
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Chevron Chrocheted Throw Tutorial

My husband called me a yarn hoarder.  That’s how it began.  He quickly repented since hoarding isn’t something you joke about in my family.  It’s a real possibility–and it runs deep.  I have rules to follow to make sure I’m not hoarding, like 1.  Don’t buy more than 6 months worth of something and 2.  […]
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Christmas Gift Tutorials 3

It’s not too late to whip up these lovely things for the holidays. 1.  Petal Pillow: 2:  Gathered Cluth: 3.  Ruffly Headband:   4.  Knitted ear warmer:
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My second yarn This is 100% merino wool, hand dyed, and spun with lots of variations of thickness. It's an art yarn and I'm pretending I meant to make it this way–grin. I purchased the roving from my new friend, Molly, who listed it on craigslist. It turns out we're near neighbors. I left it […]
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My first yarn!

It's not perfect but it's mine :).  I spun a naturally colored white single (from a white sheep) and a single from a brown sheep and plied them together. My kids and I worked together to wind it onto a homemade PVC pipe niddy-noddy.  Then we filled the bathtub a couple of inches deep with tepid water, […]
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